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So Much For The Bluff

Welcome to the clusterfuck that is my blog.

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Tablet pen 

uh bring it on?

bear, purple, machine gun





dog, yellow, pillow

motherfucking shit.

Mikki’s cat, red, and my glasses MOTHERFUCKERS I’M SCREWED

My cat, cerulean, bag of crispy minis.


This spider I squished, purple, and a chair (because I had to change a lightbulb).



Dog, Purple, Companion Cube


Rat, green, vacuum.


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    large German Shepard, a light or bluish purple, and a hand fankind/blade kind idek which one was last, not to bad I...
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    1) horse 2) red violet 3) wooden staff i think i am good
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    1. Cat 2. Purple 3. Pen-kind *Jabs at you to death* And have fun having ink poisoning!
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    1. A fly 2. lime ouo 3. Blanket-kind. *strangles you all with her blanket oh snap*
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    Madara, my Pomeranian. Royal Purple I think it was a color pencil… DOES THAT MEAN I AM LIKE OKAMI AND CAN DRAW MY...
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    My cats…. Pink (oh wow XD) My bed, I guess….? Huh. Oh well, could be worse.
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    Cat lusus Red blood Pan-kind (like frying pans and junk)
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    Dog lusus Orange blood Earphonekind? [I guess it can be used in ways demonstrated by Gamzee with a broken bow]
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    My lusus is a dog who does what he wants, begs you for attention and then runs off when you give it to him. My blood...
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    dachshund lusus purple blood and pencilkind I can totally live with this
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    Adorable gerbil lusus. Orange. Pocket knife. Hmm. Well, at least I have a pocket knife…
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    Dog Lusus (The bird interacted with ME, I didn’t interact with the bird) Green blood. Nokia kind I AM INVINCIBLE.
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    My snobby cat Magenta blood Lemon(grab)Kind. (whoa wat it has his face)
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    Puppy Lusus Black blood (have to admit that would be cool) Phonekind (…idek how that would work)
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    Dogkind Jadeblood Bedkind??? Once I figure out how to fight with a fcking bed I’ll be good. UNTIL THEN—-
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    Lusus: Cat Blood color: Blue Strife specibus: …… CHAIRKIND!
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    dog lusus grey blood controller-kind so does that mean i can control things, or i just throw them at people like...
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    Cat lusus (I don’t even own a cat but there are several neighboring cats. All the dogs in this complex love to bark at...
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    So my lusus is a dog my blood colour is orange and im CUP CAKE KIND Awesome
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    Lusus is a cat Blood colour is green Tweezerskind I am p much Nepeta.
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    Lusus is a cat. Blood color is blue. SOCKKIND?
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    Black lab lusus. Blue blood. tabletkind. arg.
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    Golden Retriever Lusus Green Blood Featherkid. LAUGHING
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    CatDad, Electric lime, metalpipekind actually not that fucked
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    Catmom, Indigo blood, bookkind. Watch out, I’ll drop a ton of books on your head.
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    Wasp lusus Sky-blue, the closest would be Vriska’s blood color. Pencilkind
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    So…my lusus is Hamstermom, my blood is turquoise and my strife specibus is popcankind. Well then.
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    My cat, red, and the remote to my DVD player.
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    Ok I got a cat for a lusus, my blood color is purple and my strife weapon is a knife.
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    like redoing this now...then, so… cat, sonic blue, needle[-and/or-thread]kind?
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    Cat, light blue and uh… Pea Soup. How the hell am I going to attack anything with fucking pea soup what the hell
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    Spidermom, tealish/skyblue blood, 8ballkind. ;n; What can you even kill with an 8ball?
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    Dog Mama Purple blood Spoonkind HELL YISS
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    Dogmom, silver blood, iphonekind.
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    Rat lusus seafoam green????? cellphonekind ):
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    lusus is a black cat. blood color is dark red. and… i have Knifekind. not bad.